Corporate Coach Hire

It was my first time organising a corporate event, there was lots of things to check of the list.

  • Venue Hire
  • Catering
  • Dietary Requirements

Oh my, Dietary Requirements that was perhaps my biggest problem, it seems like everybody is allergic to something these dates. Let me tell you, I learnt a lot about the different problems people can have with food and I’m glad that I don’t have these problems. Everyday life for them most be a nightmare.

So with the venue booked and paid for, we could start to plan the event in earnest. I’m really thankful to the guys and girls are Australia Wide Coaches in Alexandria, NSW. They were a massive help and really helped us out with our requirements for Corporate Coach Hire. The vehicles arrived on time each day, and the drives were immaculately dressed in their uniform of white shirt and black pants. We had the same drivers on both days, Steve and Colin. It turns out that Steve is from the same part of the world as I am, what a small world we live in. Colin had some of the more demanding guest, but he never let them break his smile. Even though he had to injure a lot of Sydney questions from out of town visitors.

We really couldn’t have been happier and we’d certainly use Australia Wide Coaches again.

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