Arriving in Australia


Our journey to Australia began when landing at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport. Tullamarine is Melbourne’s main domestic and only international airport. Not to be confused with Avalon airport which is further to the west of city on the way to Geelong. Many international airlines fly into Melbourne, including national carrier Qantas, Emirates and Etihad.

Getting off the plane after such a long journey is always welcome and we were greeted with a queue at passport control. Our passport officer was officious but welcoming and upon passing back our passports, said ‘Welcome to Australia’. It’s our first time in Australia and it was nice to get an official welcome. After a 20 minute delay our bags arrived, we cleared customs and was on our Australian adventure.

Whilst our bodies thought it was still the middle of the night, the sunshine was bright and the temperature wonderful, much nicer than the cold european winter we left behind.

We exited the arrivals hall and went to the bus rendezvous point. We had booked ahead of time with Melbourne Bus and Coach and were greeted by our driver Dave. Dave helped us all load our luggage onto the vehicle. We’ve had bad experiences before in not being able to get a taxi, so booking a bus in advance to meet us at the airport was a great idea.

We were treated to one of the most iconic Australian songs on the way into the Melbourne CBD. I’m pleased to say the bus was in a lot better condition than this video :)

Upon arriving in Melbourne we visited the main tourist information office in Federation Square, the staff were very knowledgable and we are now armed with loads of interesting information of what to see and do.

Official Melbourne Tourist Information Site

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Melbourne Bus and Coach