A Day In Melbourne

A Day in Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road, the start of which is 90 mins outside central Melbourne. Is famous in Australia and around the world as one of the best drives on the planet.

We’ve seen so many photos of the Great Ocean Road over the years that it almost feels like we’ve done it. But nothing prepares you for the real thing.

The Great Ocean Road stretches over 250 kilometres to Warrnambool, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. It can get really busy with all of the buses full of tourists. Whilst driving it yourself would be spectacular, we were happy to be on a bus provided again by Melbourne Bus and Coach.

It really is a stunning drive and we highly recommend you place it on your Australian travel bucket list.

Below are some of highlights of our trip:

The Twelve Apostles

Just a couple of rocks jutting out of the ocean. Really, what’s all the fuss? These were our initial thoughts when planning to visit the 12 Apostles.

But they are the star of the show. We got lucky with the weather the morning we arrived and after all the hype and expectations I’m happy to say we were left awe-struck!

These massive limestone structures tower 45 metres above the ocean and were formed some 20 million years ago as the sea gradually eroded the soft limestone cliffs.

There are only eight remaining (the rest have fallen) and forming the backdrop are these magnificent cliffs up to 70 metres high.

Travel Tips

Get there for sunrise – you’ll beat the tour buses and have the place almost to yourself.
Enjoy a sunset with a picnic or we grabbed a takeaway pizza from Port Campbell.
Walk the boardwalks around the cliff tops which provide various viewing platforms.

Gibson Steps

Just down the road from the Twelve Apostles Visitors Centre are the lesser known Gibson Steps. Walk down these steps on to the beach for a close up view.

Here you can experience a new perspective on the power of the waves and the height of the rocks. You can even touch the rocks and feel how easy they crumble away.

Take time to watch the water crashing around the base of the limestone stacks to understand the true power of the ocean and how it’s constantly shaping our earth.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge is amazing and only a few minutes drive west of The Twelve Apostles. The gorge is named after the ship Loch Ard, which ran aground on nearby Muttonbird Island at the end of a three-month journey from England to Melbourne.

Take the stairs down to the beach and sit in wonder. There are three easy walks you can take to discover the area and getting view points.

It had been a long day and we were looking for to our nights accommodation in Lorne





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